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wooden bathtubs

Alegna bathtubs are really solid. They are shaped like modern wooden boats due to manufacturer’s knowledge in building yachts. This guarantees that there are definitely no distortions or cracks, even in extraordinary conditions.


They are a 100% Swiss made product with 10-year guarantee on impermeability, strength and on the coating. The service life is 40-60 years.


wooden bathtub

The bathtub is leak-proof — thanks to the special procedure used, no water can penetrate the wood.


The bathtub does not lose its shape at all, even with very high or very low humidity.


Do not worry about bacteria that cannot accumulate because the wood is specially treated and no water can penetrate the wood.

wooden bathtub

​Carefully selected wood veneers are compressed together under high pressure and completely saturated with a special resin.

This means that the possibility of wood spikes, saturating of the wood with water and other unsightly signs of wear are excluded.


The extremely resistant special varnish has been tested under the hardest conditions.

wooden bathtub

All the products can be cleaned with normal cleaning agents just like all other sanitary products.



However, it is important that no abrasive or scratching agents and cloths are used.



Even if limescale stains have built up, you can remove these with a conventional bathroom cleaner .

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